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Re: Bangkok Chiong Scene / Massage / AGoGo / Clubs / Disco

Originally Posted by Citizens View Post
That's because Soi Cowboy was promoted as one of the "Must Visit" attractions on many travelogues and websites. Our travel agency used to bring tour groups there because the tourists always ask for it in their itinery.
But that was in the past..... ever since the Israel-Gaza war we have been advised by the Tourism Authority Thailand to stop all tour packages to Soi Cowboy. They never give any reason.

But from feedback gathered from our contacts and insiders working in Soi Cowboy..... reason apparently is a security issue.

The Arab who owns several bars in Soi Cowboy is actually an Israeli-Arab..... and the authorities are afraid the Israel-Palestinan conflict might erupt here between supporters of both sides. Oredi staff of the Arab bars have received threats and told to leave the bars' employment. They have oso seen an increase of middle eastern types visiting the area.

Caveat: I do not know the actual reasons for the travel advisory by the TAT and all this information is hearsay picked up by our tour guides from our vendors & contacts in that area.
Omg. Without connections like yours to get insider information, we really in the dark. Didnt know the conflict can potential spark dangers in Thailand. Good to know.

you have tour guide connections ? Can ask them recommend chiong places dont ahve PRC tourists hahaha they damn sickening. I can speak some thai i go makan with friends chat with waiter they also say they hate chinese customer but they act smiley for tip.
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